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Genoa FAQ

What is the best time to visit Genoa?

The best time to visit Genoa is from April to June or from September to November when the weather is mild and the crowds are smaller.

What are some must-see attractions in Genoa?

Some must-see attractions in Genoa include the old town of Genoa, the Aquarium of Genoa, Via Garibaldi, Spianata Castelletto, and Palazzi dei Rolli.

What are some famous dishes in Genoa?

Some famous dishes in Genoa include pesto alla Genovese, focaccia, farinata, pansotti, and cima alla Genovese.

Is Genoa safe for tourists?

Genoa is generally safe for tourists, but visitors should still exercise caution in crowded areas and watch out for pickpockets.

What is the currency in Genoa?

The currency in Genoa, as in the rest of Italy, is the euro (€).

Travel Guide to Genoa

Genoa is a hidden gem on the Italian Riviera and a destination worth visiting. This port city has a rich history, beautiful architecture, delicious food, and plenty of things to do. Check out this travel guide to Genoa to help you plan your trip.1. Explore the Historic CenterGenoa's historic center, also known as the medieval quarter, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The winding cobblestone alleys and narrow streets are lined with colorful buildings, historic churches, and museums. Be sure to wander around the Piazza de Ferrari, the heart of the city, and the impressive Palazzo Ducale.2. Visit the Old PortGenoa's Old Port area has been redeveloped in recent years and is now a bustling area with plenty of restaurants, cafes, and shops. It's also home to the Aquarium of Genoa, one of the largest aquariums in Europe, with over 70 tanks and a variety of marine life.3. Take a Stroll Along the WaterfrontGenoa has a beautiful waterfront promenade that stretches for miles. Take a walk, ride a bike, or jog along the seafront to enjoy the fresh sea air and stunning views. Be sure to stop at Boccadasse, a charming fishing village that's now a trendy neighborhood filled with bars and restaurants.4. Eat Local CuisineGenoa is known for its delicious cuisine, and there are plenty of places to try the local dishes. Don't miss out on the famous pesto alla genovese, which was invented in Genoa. Other must-try dishes include focaccia, farinata, and pansoti in salsa di noci.5. Visit the Cattedrale di San LorenzoThe Cattedrale di San Lorenzo is a stunning cathedral that dates back to the 11th century. It's one of the most important religious buildings in Genoa and is known for its beautiful black and white striped exterior.6. Attend a Concert or OperaGenoa is home to several beautiful theaters that host concerts, operas, and other performances throughout the year. Check out the Teatro Carlo Felice or the Teatro della Corte to see what's on during your visit.7. Day Trip to Cinque TerreWhile not technically in Genoa, Cinque Terre is only a short train ride away and is definitely worth a day trip. This cluster of five picturesque villages along the Ligurian coast is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular destination for hiking and swimming.There's so much to see and do in Genoa, so plan to spend a few days to fully appreciate this beautiful city.

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