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What is the best time to visit Pucon?

The best time to visit Pucon is during the summer months between December and March when the weather is warm and there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy.

What are some popular activities to do in Pucon?

Some popular activities to do in Pucon include hiking, climbing Villarrica Volcano, visiting hot springs, kayaking or rafting in the Trancura River, and skiing or snowboarding in the winter.

What is the altitude of Villarrica Volcano and is it safe to climb?

Villarrica Volcano is 2,847 meters or 9,341 feet high, and it is generally considered safe to climb with the appropriate gear and a trained guide. However, it is an active volcano and there is always some level of risk associated with climbing.

Can you swim in the lakes near Pucon?

Yes, there are several beautiful lakes near Pucon where you can swim including Lake Villarrica, Lake Caburgua, and Lake Calafquen.

What is the currency used in Pucon?

The currency used in Pucon is the Chilean peso (CLP). It is recommended to exchange currency at a bank or exchange office rather than using ATMs in order to avoid high fees.

Travel Guide to Pucon

Pucon Travel Guide:Pucon is a small and charming city located in the Araucania Region of Chile. It is a popular destination for adventure tourism, outdoor activities, and relaxation. Surrounded by the majestic Andes Mountains and the picturesque Lake Villarrica, Pucon is a stunning location to visit.Things To Do:\n- Hike Villarrica Volcano: one of the most popular activities in the area. The hike up the volcano takes about 6 hours to reach the top (2840 meters) and offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.\n- Relax in Thermal Baths: Pucon has numerous natural hot springs in the area. Visitors can enjoy the warm waters and unwind in the peaceful natural surroundings.\n- Kayak or Rafting: The Trancura River is perfect for those looking to enjoy some water activities. Visitors can kayak or raft along the river and marvel at the stunning scenery.\n- Canopy Tours: The region also offers zipline and canopy tours through the forests.\n- Visit Ojos del Caburgua: A stunning waterfall located approximately 30 minutes from Pucon. The crystal clear waters of the Caburgua lake at the base of the waterfall is perfect for swimming or taking a leisurely stroll.Where To Stay:\nPucon has a plethora of accommodation options ranging from budget hostels to luxury hotels. Some of the best options include:\n- Hotel Antumalal: A luxurious and stylish hotel with breathtaking views of Lake Villarrica.\n- Hostal Gerónimo: A cozy hostel in the town center that offers comfortable rooms at affordable rates.\n- Hotel Alpes: A charming hotel that boasts a beautiful garden and breathtaking views of the volcano Villarrica.Where To Eat:\nPucon has a diverse range of restaurants serving a variety of local and international cuisine. Some noteworthy options include:\n- La Olla: A cozy and welcoming restaurant that serves delicious Chilean cuisine.\n- Salzburgo: An Austrian-style restaurant that serves hearty traditional dishes and delicious desserts.\n- Amora Coffee Bar: A popular cafe that serves coffee, sandwiches, and desserts. Perfect for a light lunch or breakfast.Getting Around:\nPucon is a small town that can be explored on foot. However, if visitors want to venture further, there are buses and taxis available.Pucon is a great destination for those seeking adventure or relaxation in a stunning natural environment. Whether visitors want to hike volcanoes or unwind in natural hot springs, Pucon has something for everyone.

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