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Oviedo FAQ

What is the best time to visit Oviedo?

The best time to visit Oviedo is during the summer season (June to August) when the weather is warm and pleasant, and numerous cultural events take place.

What are the must-visit places in Oviedo?

The must-visit places in Oviedo include the historic city center, the Cathedral of San Salvador, the Museum of Fine Arts of Asturias, and the Campoamor Theater.

What is the traditional cuisine of Oviedo?

The traditional cuisine of Oviedo includes dishes like Fabada Asturiana (a hearty bean stew), Cachopo (a breaded, stuffed beef cutlet), and Sidra (local hard cider).

What is the easiest way to get around Oviedo?

The easiest way to get around Oviedo is on foot, as most of the attractions are located in the city center. However, there are also public buses and taxis available for longer distances.

Is it safe to visit Oviedo?

Yes, Oviedo is generally safe for visitors. However, as with any city, it is important to keep your belongings safe and be aware of your surroundings.

Travel Guide to Oviedo

Welcome to Oviedo, the historic capital city of the Principality of Asturias in northern Spain. This charming city offers a wealth of attractions, from its rich history and cultural heritage to stunning natural scenery and delicious local cuisine. Here's a travel guide to help you make the most of your visit to Oviedo:Historic Center: One of the highlights of Oviedo is its historic old town center, full of distinctive architecture, impressive buildings, and quaint streets. Explore the Gothic cathedral, walk the pedestrianized streets, visit the Museum of Fine Arts, and check out the ornate Palacio de Camposagrado. Be sure to see the famous pre-Romanesque churches of Santa Maria del Naranco and San Miguel de Lillo.Parks and Gardens: Oviedo boasts several green spaces perfect for a leisurely stroll or picnic. Wander through the Campo San Francisco park, the largest and most popular in the city. The Jardín Botánico Atlántico is another great spot, with well-designed gardens and an impressive selection of plant species.Museums: Oviedo is home to several remarkable museums, including the Museum of Fine Arts, which houses an impressive collection of Spanish paintings from the 15th century to the present day. The Archaeological Museum, housed in the Casa de la Rua, contains an intriguing assortment of Roman and pre-Roman sculptures, pottery, and mosaics.Shopping: Oviedo offers a great range of shopping options, from small independent boutiques to large department stores. Visit the Plaza del Paraguas for traditional artisanal products or Calle Uria for luxury brands.Gastronomy: Eating and drinking is a crucial part of daily life in Oviedo. Don't miss the opportunity to try out the regional specialties of Asturian cuisine, such as Fabada Asturiana, a hearty bean stew, and Cachopo, a breaded veal cutlet. Enjoy a cider tasting in a traditional cider house or try the local seafood at a local fish tavern.With its welcoming atmosphere, stunning architecture, and rich culture, Oviedo has something to offer everyone, and is sure to be a memorable destination for any traveler.

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