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What is Kitzbühel famous for?

Kitzbühel is famous for being a world-renowned ski resort destination and hosting the annual Hahnenkamm downhill race, one of the most challenging and prestigious races on the World Cup circuit.

When is the best time to visit Kitzbühel for skiing?

The best time to visit Kitzbühel for skiing is from December through to April when the snow coverage is at its best and the season is in full swing. However, in the summer months, Kitzbühel offers plenty of hiking and outdoor activities making it a great year-round destination.

What are the best ski runs in Kitzbühel?

Kitzbühel has a remarkable 170 km of ski runs, including the famous Streif run for advanced skiers. Other notable runs include Resterkogel, Ki-West, and Steinbergkogel. Beginners can enjoy areas like Hochfeld and Abrakadabra.

What are some non-skiing activities to do in Kitzbühel?

Apart from skiing, Kitzbühel offers plenty of non-skiing activities, including hiking in the Kitzbüheler Alpen region, visiting the medieval town and its countless shops and galleries, enjoying the nightlife in the bars and restaurants, swimming at the Aquarena, or simply relaxing at the local spa.

What is the best way to get to Kitzbühel?

The nearest airports to Kitzbühel are Salzburg and Innsbruck, both within 90 minutes by car. Alternatively, one can take the train from Vienna, Munich, or Salzburg to Kitzbühel train station, which is conveniently located in the center of town.

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