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Welcome to Łódź, the third-largest city in Poland, located in the central part of the country. Łódź is known for its industrial heritage, textile industry, and beautiful Art Nouveau architecture. Here's a travel guide to help you make the most of your visit.What to see:1. Piotrkowska Street - Łódź's main artery, lined with beautiful tenement houses and Art Nouveau buildings, trendy cafes, and restaurants.2. Manufaktura - a revitalized factory complex, turned into a shopping mall, cultural center, and hub of entertainment. Here, you can find numerous shops, art galleries, cinemas, restaurants, and a museum of contemporary art.3. Museum of Cinematography - dedicated to the history of the Polish cinema, located in a former palace of the Poznański family, one of the wealthiest industrialists of Łódź.4. EC1 Science and Technology Center - an interactive museum of technology, located in a former power plant, with numerous exhibits on electricity, physics, and astronomy.5. Jewish Cemetery - one of the largest Jewish cemeteries in Europe, with over 160,000 graves, including those of famous Jewish writers, artists, and scientists.Where to eat:Łódź has a lot to offer in terms of cuisine, from traditional Polish dishes to international cuisine.1. Straganiarska - a trendy restaurant located in a former carpentry workshop, offering an innovative menu of Polish dishes with modern twists.2. Piotrkowska 217 - a stylish restaurant with a terrace overlooking Piotrkowska Street, offering an extensive menu of international cuisine.3. Podwale 25 - a cozy, family-owned restaurant, serving traditional Polish dishes, including pierogi, bigos, and żurek.Where to stay:1. Andels by Vienna House Łódź - a modern hotel located in the heart of Łódź, offering spacious rooms, a fitness center, and a restaurant.2. DoubleTree by Hilton Łódź - a stylish hotel with a rooftop bar, a wellness center, and a restaurant serving Polish and international cuisine.3. Ambasador Centrum Łódź - a classic hotel, located near Piotrkowska Street, offering comfortable rooms, a swimming pool, and a sauna.We hope this travel guide to Łódź has been helpful in planning your trip to this vibrant city. Enjoy your stay!

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